Additional Features

The Social Network

A secure environment for discussion of healthcare-related issues.

The discussions featured on the SurgiMetrix Social Network are designed to provide a platform on which surgeons can freely express their opinions about news that has the ability to impact their practice and the management of patient care.

Here you will find discussions facilitated by SurgiMetrix, medicals societies, industry luminaries, and individual surgeons based on a variety of topics.

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Healthcare Suppliers Directory

Your marketplace – connecting healthcare professionals with the highest quality healthcare suppliers.

The SurgiMetrix Healthcare Suppliers Directory is a marketplace for industry-leading suppliers of healthcare goods and services to connect and build partnerships with the over 20,000 surgeons using the SurgiMetrix DataHub.
These 20,000+ surgeons will be accessing data through the SurgiMetrix DataHub, most of whom will need services furnished by suppliers found within this directory.
Having a participating profile on the directory provides benefits for both your organization and for the plastic surgery community as a resource for the provision of cost-effective healthcare.


For Practices and Facilities

The Healthcare Suppliers Directory sources and supports the highest quality healthcare service suppliers to surgeons, practitioners, and all members of the healthcare community interested in dependable and credible services.

As a customer, directory users are able to review details about each vendor including comprehensive and direct contact information, offerings and services, and ratings and reviews from other members. Users can also collect a variety of suppliers for quality and cost comparisons in order to identify the best match for their specific needs.

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For Suppliers

Maintaining your supplier profile exposes your products and services to many prospective clients.

Healthcare Supplier Directory users will use our advanced search tools to find Healthcare Suppliers by specialty or location. After searching, users can evaluate details from each supplier listing by comparing quotes, reviews, and full business information. Once they’ve compared options, users can contact multiple Healthcare Suppliers to get more information and find the best resource to fit their specific need.

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Research Portals

Providing relevant, current research from an unmatched set of data.

Through the database contained within SurgiMetrix, compliance management will be uniquely integrated with surgical outcomes, providing the pathway for the development of evidence-based medicine for surgical practice. The research possibilities for both medical practices and the healthcare industry are limitless as the program allows for easy interaction between medical and surgical societies, specialty boards and government agencies.

20 million procedures and growing

Containing over 20 million procedures and over 20,000 surgeons and growing, SurgiMetrix users will have the capability to request specific data points from medical practices by the thousands. The uses for such information can range from pharmaceutical companies requesting information for better product testing, to individual physicians conducting research projects in which they require data related to the operative experience.

Research for Industry

Industry can query thousands of surgeons to enhance market research or generate reports about a specific type of surgery and its outcome.

Research for Patients

Containing over 20 million procedures entered by over 20,000 surgeons and growing, patients and family members can use SurgiMetrix to access research information about surgical procedures of interest. Patients have the ability to search and generate reports specific to their needs at the touch of a button, with current, relevant and informative resources uninhibited by the thousands of potentially biased or confusing health-related articles, blogs, message boards, and other information portals found online today.

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