The importance of Data Collection is undeniable throughout the healthcare community.

pollack“What you’d like to have is just one system that accepts the data entry and than can communicate it with other systems within the practice – the idea is to have a single point of data entry.” – Robert Pollack, M.D.

mills“This system will document safe surgical compliance and will provide data that can be easily analyzed to improve patient care.  Data collection needs to be designed using the same fields for all parties, consistency in the reporting process will lead to the practice of evidence based medicine.” – Dan Mills, M.D., President Elect ASAPS

iverson“If the outcome isn’t the one you want, you can look back at the data collected along the way to better determine what the problem was.” – Ron Iverson, M.D., Board of Directors AAAASF

glicksman“If you want to become a better surgeon, you want to prove the outcomes for your patients; you need to track your data.” – Caroline Glicksman, M.D.

rios“This is already here, so we can either have a system that is made by us, done by us, can be changed as the process is ongoing or we can let some other agency that has no idea what they are doing and has no experience tell us what to do.” – Lois Rios, M.D., Facility Director AAAASF

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